About Pikadude No. 1

My name is Harold, but I consider that irrelevant on the Internet. Please, if we have not met in real life, call me Pikadude No. 1. I'm an adult male living in California, and my birthday is March 17.

My hobbies mostly fall in the general category of "computer geek", but they're quite numerous: Web programming, computer games (both playing and creating), music, humor, vector graphics, and whatever else captures my interest.

I absolutely adore cuteness! I collect cute pictures and check out cute anime. I am particularly interested in cute fictional characters, and I want to involve them in my creative pursuits. I have a special place in my heart for fairies. If you think this is inappropriate behavior for a grown man, nuts to you.

I find the design of user-friendly software to be a fascinating subject; articles like this 2010 blog post about download managers are very interesting to me. I have the geek powers to make interacting with computers a smoother experience for everyone; let's see what I get done!

My usual hangout out on the Internet is deviantART, where I am (surprise, surprise) pikadudeno1.

I hope to make the world a friendlier place.